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·The statement on the test accuracy of PM loading in vehicle catalytic converters
·New telephone numbers for modified inner organization of SwARC
·Letter about collecting opinions on Enforcement Regulation on Examination of Noble Metal Contents in Ceramic Carrier Catalyst by ICP-OES (Revision Version) and organization of laboratory proof test by CVEC
·Big power of electric vibro-bench being put into use

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  Mercedes-Benz vehicle Technology Group visit[08/06]
  SwARC's director Bruce B Bykowski came to SwARC and checked up...[06/08]
  Executive Chairman Mr. Xie of CVEC visited SwARC[02/11]
  Make active efforts in standard formulation and contribute to ...[12/23]
  2008 China motorcycle emission control technology seminar[11/03]
  The 7th board meeting held[10/13]
  Fire drill[09/25]
  The test ability of PM loading in vehicle catalytic converters...[09/08]
  A research group was set up on the National Emission Regulatio...[08/29]
  Requirements and measurement methods of emission aftertreatmen...[07/31]
  Comparison research on the HC-OSC tendency deteriorations for ...[07/28]
  A lecture given by Dr. Magdi K. Khair[07/01]
  SAE of USA visits SwARC[06/30]
  Directors of MECA and AECC visit SwARC[06/20]


  Measurement methods for diesel aftertreatment devices (manuscript for approval)
  Analysis of the latest development on European emission standard 5/6 for light duty vehicles
  Development of a Methodology to Separate Thermal from Oil Aging of a Catalyst Using a Gasoline-Fueled Burner System
  Development of a methodology to separate thermal from oil aging of a catalyst using a gasoline-fueled burner system
  Diesel engine technologies and development in China and abroad
  Technical policy of Exhaust Pollutants Protection for Diesel Vehicles
  US EPA issues the final procedure for in-used diesel vehicles emission tests.
  On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)
  Meet the requests of Phase Ⅱ; review the new vehicle emission standards



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